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Analytics Learning Academy

Thank you for your interest in sports analytics - whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. At the Center of Sports Business and Analytics, it is our mission to provide education and engagement that is fun and valuable to you.  

Glad You're Here.

The Basketball Analytics Summit was founded on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2014. Since then we have gathered the experts in the domains of Fan Experience & Engagement, Individual Performance (Xs & Os), Marketing/Ticketing, Sport Science (Performance and Rehab), and Entrepreneurship. In 2019 the Center took the leap to the greater Triangle to serve more local colleges and people and held the event at North Carolina Central University. In 2020, the Center expanded its scope to offer its first-ever football analytics seminar, Cover 2, during Super Bowl LIV in Miami. COVID-19 interrupted our Summit plans but we believe in the power of opportunity during times of change. The Center is excited to offer you sports analytics instruction by way of the internet!


Dean Oliver.png


The Four Factors Explained

Assistant Coach, NBA Washington Wizards

Ken Pomeroy (1).jpg


College Men’s Basketball #1 Statistician, speaks on analytics at the 2015 Summit.

If You Aren’t Learning, You

Aren’t Growing.

No matter where you are in your journey to be a better athlete, coach, administrator or analyst, one must invest in new knowledge and information. The Center seeks to be your most valued source for sports analytics education. Our lineup of leading experts are willing to share their tips, insights, and best practices with you!  From Dean Oliver to Ken Pomeroy, Kirk Goldsberry, and analytics giants ESPN, RTI International, SAS, and STATS Perform – we have the right mix of speakers who will inspire you to be more creative and collaborative. Our offering is presented in a series format. Each series will include unlimited access to five sessions including the Tip-Off presenters (Oliver, Curry and Frank) sessions. General and Diamond Members will receive a discount for the purchase of each additional series. Thanks for being part of our effort to grow this exciting industry! Dish. Dunk. Data.

Tip Off Speakers

Dean Oliver.png


Assistant Coach,

NBA Washington Wizards

The Four Factors Explained

Tuesday, May 12

5:30 PM EST

Eddie Curry.jpg


Assistant Coach, Maine

Men's Basketball

The Simple Math of Winning Basketball

Wednesday, May 13

5:30 PM EST

Nathan Frank.jpeg


AI Scientist, STATS Perform

Artificial Intelligence in Sports: How the AI Revolution is Influencing Sports Analytics

Thursday, May 14

5:30 PM EST

ALA Registration Categories

All levels include unlimited access and recordings to Series I. This includes 5 live sessions, a Q&A with experts, and a download of sessions with Dr. Dean Oliver, Coach Eddie Curry, and Nathan Frank.


Middle / High School & College Students


Institution email address required


Administrators | Athletes | Coaches




NCAA D1 Power 5 Member Institution Teams | Pro Sports Teams

*Diamond provides access to all full-time coaches and staff for one sports team.

The Center conducts random checks on the accuracy of membership status and reserves the right to revoke ALA access to any person(s) who is falsely subscribed to an incorrect level. 

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